Father’s Day Fun: 6 Crafts to Make Dad Smile

Father's Day feature

Father’s Day gifts don’t need to be fancy. The real reward is seeing the fruits of a father’s love and labor reflected in their children. That’s why the best Father’s Day gifts come from children — they’re honest expressions of appreciation for their dads. So, before you go rushing to the store to find something last minute, check out this list of Father’s Day crafts that any papa would love to receive from his kiddos.

  • Personalized Father’s Day Card
    What’s more fun than a Father’s Day card? One your kids make themselves. With some cardboard and a pair of scissors, kids can make a card that looks cute and stands on its own.
  • Plan a Father’s Day Hike
    For families who appreciate adventure! Let your kids show off their knowledge of your neighborhood by having them map out a hike. Then make a day out of enjoying the hike together.
  • Father’s Day Rebus Puzzle
    Show your children the fun and challenge of using pictures to tell their dad they love him. You can write something simple, or make it a tongue twister.
Father's Day paperweight
  • Father’s Day Paperweight
    This simple project also provides a chance to show your kids that anything can be turned into something beautiful. And yes, people still use paperweights.
  • Make a Father’s Day Crown
    If it’s your family’s tradition to let Dad be king for a day, might as well make it official. A perfect project for the real little ones.
  • Father’s Day Apron
    You need to buy a blank apron beforehand, but this can be a real special treat for the dad who likes to spend time behind a grill.

If you want more options, check out these ideas for making Father’s Day a success. Instead of picking one on your own, let your children make the decision. They’ll be more excited about it and that’s sure to make the gift even better for Dad.

By Kevin L. Jones, former journalist covering the Bay Area.

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