Best Halloween Activities to Inspire Creativity in Young Children

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It’s almost Halloween, and there are always a million things to do this time of year. As a mama to two energetic young kiddos, I’ve been on the lookout for spooky (and fun!) activities that foster both creativity and learning—especially if they include everyday materials and a quick clean-up.

To simplify your search for seasonal activities, I have pulled together some of my all-time favorite Halloween picks on

Preschool and Kindergarten

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  • Spooky Slime: In this activity, your child will practice following directions and exploring cause and effect as they create their very own slime. While you do need some special ingredients (liquid starch or slime activator, googly eyes, etc.), you should be able to find them at your local craft store. This activity may sound messy, but is remarkably easy to clean up, making it a hit for the whole family!
  • Halloween Rock Art: Let your child’s creative ideas flow in this rock art project! Help them collect different kinds of rocks to create Halloween-inspired creatures, making a mess and having fun as they go. For an added challenge, encourage your child to use their finished rocks to make patterns or compare and contrast.
  • Pumpkin Designs: Use this activity to help your child create their very own Halloween pumpkin! Since it requires only basic materials, this is the perfect project for young children. Your child will use washi tape, painter’s tape, or stickers to decorate a pumpkin using their own unique designs. Simple enough to be done with little support, this project provides an opportunity to practice making and identifying patterns.
  • Pumpkin Play Dough: Does your mouth water at the scent of pumpkin pie? Perfect! Use this simple recipe to make fragrant pumpkin play dough that’s safe for even the smallest hands. You and your child can work together to follow the instructions and mix the ingredients—then set them off for endless entertainment as they make “pumpkin” creations.

First and Second Grade

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  • Make an Exploding Pumpkin: This is a project for all budding scientists. With just a few common ingredients, your child will learn all about cause and effect as they turn a jack-o’-lantern into an exploding pumpkin! The best part of this project is that you can experiment over and over using multiple pumpkins to make different kinds of explosions.
  • Teal Pumpkin Project Painting: Is teal the new orange? Find out how the Teal Pumpkin Project is spreading awareness about food allergies in this fun painting project. Your child will practice painting skills and learn about empathy for their community by advocating for homes to offer non-food items during neighborhood trick-or-treat celebrations.
  • Create Your Own Pumpkin Person: This project puts a new twist on the traditional self-portrait. Your child will get creative as they use a variety of art materials to make their very own pumpkin person. For an added challenge, they can use the included All About My Pumpkin Person worksheet to practice their creative writing skills. Consider making this a family art project and creating a pumpkin person gallery in your home!
  • Scary Science with Spiders: Are spiders really scary? Learn all about spiders and their webs in this scientific art project. Using common objects found around your home, your child will soon become a spider expert. Then, they’ll use what they’ve learned to create their very own spooky, sticky web in your home!

Finding the “perfect” Halloween activity can be daunting. Hopefully, these activities will provide lots of creative educational entertainment for both you and your kids!

By Jasmine Gibson, an educational consultant with expertise in early elementary education, supporting teachers, and designing curriculum. 

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