Engage Your Child with Science: 8 Activities for Fall

Science activities to do with your family outside this fall

The leaves are changing color and the air is getting colder. After living in a temperate climate without discernible seasons for the past 10 years, it turns out summer isn’t my favorite season after all—it’s fall! There are so many opportunities to explore and marvel at nature during this time of year. Here is a roundup of my favorite fall science activities to get you and your kids excited and engaged.

Preschool and Kindergarten

Apple Slice Science: All you need for this simple activity can be found in your kitchen. Your child will love learning all about how to keep an apple from turning brown in this kid-friendly experiment.

Stained Glass Leaves: This autumn science project focuses on leaves—while incorporating art and creativity! Using items you likely have around the house, your child will discover what happens when wax melts. The melted wax creates beautiful hanging decorations.

Changing Leaf Relief: Head to the local craft store for a few items like modeling clay, then help your child put on their lab coats as they become a leaf scientist. After collecting fallen leaves, your child will learn about the changing colors of the season in this science experiment.

Make a Changing Seasons Collage: After going on a nature walk to collect materials, your budding naturalist will get lots of cutting and pasting practice as they learn all about collages in this science-focused art project.

Science activities to do with your family outside this fall

First and Second Grade

Capture Fall Leaves in Stained Glass: In this activity, your child will collect leaf specimens and practice their plant identification skills as they learn about different kinds of trees. Then, they’ll bring their experiment indoors to find out what happens when they heat the wax to “capture” their leaves. Finally, they’ll love writing down their findings in a science notebook or displaying their leaves in your house.

Make a Weather Wall: Do you have a budding meteorologist on your hands? This fun science activity will have your child taking daily weather notes as they practice identifying and predicting daily weather patterns. This is the perfect project to incorporate into your morning routine.

Candy Corn Science: Are you still finding leftover Halloween candy around the house? Use this experiment to learn all about what happens when you try to dissolve candy using different kinds of liquids! This is the perfect project for your scientist to practice creating and testing hypotheses.

Autumn Sketchbook: This is a creative activity that provides your child with all the tools they need to observe the natural world. They’ll design their own sketchbook and use it on nature walks, or even to collect specimens from the backyard!

I hope you are enjoying fall as much as I am, and hopefully, these science activities inspire your child to learn about the changing of the seasons in a hands-on way.

By Jasmine Gibson, an educational consultant with expertise in early elementary education, supporting teachers, and designing curriculum. 

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