Fun Ways to Make Father’s Day Special this Year

Fun Ways to Make Father’s Day Special this Year

Father’s Day is coming up, and it may look a little different this year! However, there are still ways you can celebrate the fathers in your life. Check out these ideas!

When you’ve all been spending lots of time at home…

  • Get outside! Shake things up by spending time outdoors in a fun way that works for your family. Whether that means a picnic in the yard, a walk through the neighborhood, or a hike on a local trail, it’s nice to spend time exploring outside together. Plus, take the pressure off Dad by letting your kids map out the route! They’ll enjoy helping to make the day special by creating a fun family adventure.
  • Give Dad some space. Chances are, he could use some designated alone time! While Dad rests, the kids can have fun creating this special Father’s Day Tie. And once he’s had some time to relax, you can greet him with a great surprise!
  • Create a craft together. Spend quality time as a family by working together to create something for Dad. If he loves to be the chef, this apron may be the perfect thing. You could also make a paperweight or a crown! The gift will be extra-special, since it will always include the memory of spending time together.

When Dad is far away…

  • Mail a heartfelt card. Show dad (or grandad!) you’re thinking of him by sending love from afar. These homemade card ideas will be the perfect gift!
  • Schedule a video call. Set aside some time to connect! Even if your loved ones are far away, you can still feel close to them with video tools like FaceTime, Zoom, and more. You can even make a poster or craft for the occasion, and show it to them from afar!

Forever fun ideas

Explore more fun activities. We have over 70 Father’s Day ideas in the library! From certificates and puzzles to recipes and games, you’re sure to find a fun idea for your family.