Creative Socially-Distant Birthday Ideas to Make the Big Day Special

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Birthdays can feel different for kids this year given many of us are stuck at home. But don’t let that stop you from creating a unique, memorable experience this year! In fact, this is the perfect time to exercise your creativity—and with a little effort from the people that love them most, your child’s birthday will be a smash hit. Here are some ideas to make your little one’s special day one to remember. 

Make an indoor birthday the best one yet!

  • Organize a surprise video call birthday party so friends can say hello and wish your child a big happy birthday virtually. You can easily set up a group activity like this birthday cupcake craft
  • Send birthday printables to the parents of friends, so that they can have their kids color in a special birthday message to share via email, text message, or video chat.
  • Create an indoor scavenger hunt that rewards your child for finding certain household items that boost their vocabulary. Try words that they might not have mastered yet, like armoire or kettle to keep them on their toes. When your child finishes the hunt, they can pick one of their presents and get unwrapping!
  • Write your child a rhyming poem that expresses all the things you love about them, then read it aloud to show them how much they amaze you. Then challenge them to write their own poem expressing their birthday wishes.

Take the birthday adventure outside

  • Create a delightful birthday caravan by having loved ones and parents of friends drive  down your street so they can wish your child a happy birthday from a safe distance. Bonus points for fun birthday-themed car decorations or music coming from the stereo!
  • Lead your child on an outdoor activity fit for a celebration. Head to the zoo if your child loves animals. Take a stroll around a pretty park and adapt the above scavenger hunt with items to find that are unique to where you live. Or, hop on bicycles and cruise through the neighborhood.

For even more inspiration for birthday activities, head to the birthday resources on and get the party started!