The benefits of keeping a summer journal

During the summer, it’s important to find activities for kids that are both educational and fun! One simple way to help young learners advance their reading and writing skills is to encourage them to keep a summer journal. 

To get started, all you need is a notebook. If you don’t have one, you can create a summer journal with any paper you have on hand, like in this activity. You can also spruce up an old notebook you have lying around with this DIY fabric journal!

Once you have a journal, there are many benefits to encouraging your child to write in it: 

  1. Promotes creativity

Let your child decide what they want their journal to be about! They can write about their summer experiences, or create a dream journal, a nature journal, a gratitude journal, and one of these many other ideas. Children can flex their creative muscles and explore new topics as they write. And allowing them to explore topics they’re interested in will keep them engaged all summer long! 

  1. Improves writing skills

Journaling is a great way to improve writing skills for children of all ages! Even young learners can try their best to spell a word. When they’re done writing, have them read their story aloud to you! If you’d like, you can correct their spelling under the original, so they’ll know for next time. And for older learners who already have the hang of the basics, this is a great way to polish more complex skills like sentence structure, creating supporting points, and creative storytelling!

  1. Strengthens social emotional learning

Summer writing is a relaxing activity that encourages introspection. By taking some time to reflect on their experiences, feelings, and interests, your child can work through and develop a better understanding of their emotions. 

Summer journaling is fun because children have a chance to truly make something their own. Encourage your child to write a little bit each day, and you’ll be amazed at their progress by the end of the summer!