Close out the summer with these 6 educational activities

Have you been keeping your learners busy over the summer months? It’s important that children keep their brains active while school is out—especially to combat the summer slide when students can lose an average of one month’s progress in key skills. Luckily, has a variety of fun and informative activities—from math games to science projects and coloring worksheets—that’ll keep your child’s mind primed until the school year begins! 

Adding Eggs with Birdee

In this game, students will listen to Birdee’s requests and respond by adding more eggs to her nest. This activity is great for practicing basic math and will hone your child’s listening skills while simultaneously testing their ability to add using objects.

I Love Running: Level I

If your child needs a little extra push with reading, this leveled book about running could be just what they need. In it, kids can work with familiar vocabulary and get used to reading simple sentences. Packed with a variety of verbs, this leveled book hits all the right marks for literacy learning. 

Build a Tunnel

Collect some household items to build a tunnel in this fun science and engineering activity! This creative project is a great way to introduce children from first through fifth grade to the world of engineering, design, and imagination.

Planets in our Solar System

Can your student name all the planets in the solar system? Try out this worksheet where kids will learn about and label planets with the support of colorful graphics and hints.

Prefix Practice

Students can use this worksheet to review or practice identifying, writing, and understanding the meanings of words with a prefix. Students will circle words with prefixes in the six sentences on this worksheet. Then, they’ll define the meaning of each word.

Multiplying Multi-Digit Numbers

After your child has mastered their times tables, take on multi-digit multiplication problems with this worksheet! This activity is great for fifth and sixth graders who want to take their multiplication skills to the next level.