Brand new educational games for kids!

It’s no secret—working in school textbooks day after day can be tiresome for children. To keep young students’ minds engaged, learning experiences should be exciting and fun. Luckily, we have a diverse set of educational games that are perfect for keeping kids motivated and learning. 

Designed by teachers, these activities help learners build on important skills in math, reading, writing, digital literacy, and more. Have your child step away from the white board and into the digital space to transform study time into a captivating learning adventure! 

Dino Crunch
What it covers: Colors and shapes
Best for: Preschoolers

Children will use their knowledge of basic math, colors, and shapes to practice sorting objects as they feed a hungry dinosaur.

Water Rafting
What it covers:
Adding two-digit numbers and multiples of 10
Best for: 1st graders

In this digital learning adventure, our friends from Brainzy ride the river to the finish line in a math-themed race. This game is a fun way for children to practice essential addition skills, such as adding multiples of 10 to two-digit numbers.

Dino Fishing
What it covers: Three-digit addition
Best for: 2nd graders

Get your child ready to cast a line in Dino Fishing! Students will hone their math skills and learn to recognize patterns by reading equations and finding their matching sums. This game provides students important practice with three-digit addition and adding to multiples of 100.

Cloud Catcher
What it covers: Telling time to the quarter-hour
Best for: 2nd graders

Can your child tell what time it is? In this math game, students listen to prompts, look at a series of analog clocks, and pay attention to the minute hand as they tell time to the quarter-hour.

Singular Nouns Cloud Catcher 2
What it covers:
Identifying singular nouns
Best for: 2nd graders

Can your student catch all of the nouns as they go by? Children use their grammar knowledge and quick thinking to correctly identify singular nouns such as “book,” “friend,” and “chair.” Students looking to practice their language art skills will have a blast playing this game.

Treasure Diving
What it covers:
Multiplication facts and missing factors
Best for: 3rd graders

Diving into this entertaining math game is a fun way to inspire third graders to practice their multiplication facts. Players take their favorite Brainzy character on an underwater race to reach the sunken treasure. But on the way, they’ll need to choose the correct numbers to complete the equations.

Dino Pet Drop
What it covers:
Identifying multiples
Best for: 4th graders

Help Roly catch all the dinos in this math game! Children will take to the skies as they collect as many dinosaurs as they can using their knowledge of factors and multiples. Be careful though—wrong answers send the dinosaurs fleeing!

Treasure Diving
What it covers:
Best for: 5th graders

Strengthen your child’s grasp of language and vocabulary with this diving adventure. In this game, children are asked to choose the words that best complete the analogies as they race to cross the underwater finish line.

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