6th grade learning is now available on Education.com!

As learners grow, we’re growing to support them. In addition to K-5, Education.com now has resources for 6th grade!

6th grade is an exciting milestone that signifies the start of a more advanced chapter of learning. And now, Education.com can continue to support learners through this important stage of their development.

The new resources help 6th graders strengthen essential skills in math, reading, and writing. All of these materials are Common Core-aligned and provide a high-quality way to supplement classroom instruction. They cover age-appropriate concepts such as solving one-step equations, comparing and ordering rational numbers, and using context clues to learn new vocabulary.

More than 120 printable worksheets for 6th graders are available now—featuring fun designs, vibrant colors, and interesting questions designed by educators to get kids excited about learning. Get started in the Learning Library:

Plus, over the next few months, we will be adding even more 6th grade resources! The 6th grade content will include games, videos, and lesson plans, so that students and teachers can explore new concepts in a variety of ways. Stay tuned for updates, and enjoy the new level of learning!