The benefits of a Premium membership

Parents and teachers can access (a limited number of) instructional resources on for free, but with a Premium membership transforms into an entire learning platform! Premium makes it easy to give your students an exciting learning experience, while giving you the tools to track their progress and address their needs.

Here’s the rundown on the biggest benefits subscribing to Premium has to offer.

Unlimited access to tons of content

The most obvious advantage of upgrading to Premium is getting unlimited access to’s Learning Library, instead of being restricted to three resources per month. The Learning Library includes more than 30,000 worksheets, games, science experiments, and more for preschool through 6th grade. These materials cover the key subjects of math, English language arts, social studies, and science, in addition to other areas of study like foreign languages, fine arts, and social-emotional learning.’s content is created by teachers with the realities of education in mind. For instance, the Learning Library includes four weeks of fall review packets to help students recover from the dreaded summer slide. There are even Weekly Boost worksheets sorted by grade to make sure your learners get the math and English language arts practice they need to succeed. Plus, resources are aligned to Common Core standards to make them easy for teachers to work into their curriculum.

Gamified lesson plans with Brainzy

Students can get a guided tour through exercises with Brainzy, a portal that sets kids on a journey through colorful worlds where they learn lessons with animated song videos and games. As they make progress, kids earn awards and gold coins, which they can spend on stickers and backgrounds. When they need a break, students can get creative in the Paint tab and use their purchases to make art. Brainzy lets you introduce new concepts in a fun way and turn education into an adventure!

Powerful tools to manage learning

Once you find the right resources for your kids, makes it easy to send them out with the Assignments feature. Exercises you select show up in your students’ Assignments section, letting them know they have work to do. You have control over how many attempts your students have to complete Assignments, and you can mark Assignments as mandatory, so your pupils have to finish them before moving onto other games.

After your kids have completed a few Assignments, you can see how they’re doing with the Progress Tracker. This tool will show you your students’ proficiency in core skills and pinpoint where they need extra help. It will also recommend games and exercises you can assign to help bolster those skills that need attention. The Progress Tracker additionally offers a classroom view that’s displayed like a grade book, as well as a Student Progress bar that shows how many kids have started their Assignments.

Best of all, Premium membership is priced to be accessible. Premium plans are just $15.99 per month, or $9.99 per month if you pay annually, and include all grade levels. A teacher membership supports up to 35 students, and a parent membership covers the whole family’s children. If you need Premium membership for your whole school, district, or homeschooling group, you can request a quote.

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, spend less time planning and more time teaching by subscribing to Premium today!