How to help kids practice gratitude

For many adults and children alike, it can be easy to focus on the negative. To work towards a more positive mindset, it helps to consciously focus on what you’re grateful for! Studies have shown that practicing gratitude has an impact on well-being, and can even make you feel happier overall. Here are a few ways to help kids build this healthy practice.

Thanksgiving day

A great way to help children get started is on Thanksgiving! Demonstrate that when we gather together and eat a delicious meal, we are also taking time to give thanks, and focus on all of the good things in our lives. 

These fun Thanksgiving learning activities emphasize the importance of gratitude, and are perfect for celebrating the holiday.

Afterwards, celebrate with more fun Turkey Day activities! Choose from the plentiful Thanksgiving crafts and resources on 

Practice gratitude year-round

Keep this thankful feeling going! We have tons of resources to help kids explore their feelings of gratitude:

Lesson plans:



Make it a habit

Once kids have learned a bit more about gratitude, they can build it into their everyday lives! These resources will help solidify the habit:

Practicing gratitude regularly has long-term benefits. By encouraging kids to focus on what they’re thankful for, you can help them build a positive mindset that will last a lifetime.