Activities to ring in the New Year

The run up to the New Year is a time to reflect on the past 12 months, develop goals for the upcoming year, and celebrate accomplishments. As the sun sets on this year, we’ve put together a list of activities, including fun crafts and goal-setting worksheets, that’ll help learners kick off the New Year. Try them all out with your child before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st! 

Happy New Year Coloring Sheet

Best for: Preschool-1st graders

Celebrate this New Year’s Eve with your little ones by adding some festive colors to this worksheet. These coloring pages are a fun and simple way to keep children busy and can even be used as decorations once filled in!

Three Goals for the New Year

Best for: Preschool-1st graders

Help your child challenge themselves next year with this goal-setting worksheet! This activity provides a great opportunity for kids to work on their writing, spelling, and grammar while identifying their goals for the New Year.

A (Little) Interview with the New Year

Best for: Preschool-1st graders

Bring the New Year to life with this fun and creative set of questions. Children reflect on the past 12 months and share what they hope to achieve in the coming year during their interview. After answering the questions, children draw a picture of themselves to help visualize what the future looks like!

Have older children? This activity is also available for learners in grades 3-5!

New Year’s Resolutions

Best for: 2nd graders
Get together with your child and make a list of their New Year’s resolutions with this template! 

Happy New Year Banner

Best for: 2nd graders

December 31st is the last chance your family will get to decorate the house this year and we have activities that’ll make sure everyone is involved! Your child will bring a little extra holiday cheer to your house with this paper project. Just have them color, cut out, and construct this homemade Happy New Year banner!

New Year’s Party Hat

Best for: 3rd graders

Children will color and cut out their very own New Year’s Eve party hat with this worksheet. Get creative and help your little one decorate the hat with glitter or ribbons. These hats are easy to make and even more fun to wear!

New Year’s Writing Prompt

Best for: 4th graders

Students will practice their writing skills by describing their goals for the upcoming year in this worksheet.  

Happy New Year in Other Languages

Best for: 4th graders

Your child will start the year by saying “Happy  New Year!” in a different language using this worksheet! Check out more foreign language activities here

New Year, New You

Best for: 5th graders

To visualize and define their goals for the New Year, children will use this worksheet to draw a self-portrait of themselves that represents who they want to be. Encourage your child to keep in mind their goals for next year and their accomplishments from the past year while creating their self-portrait. This is a great activity for reflection and setting resolutions!