5 activities for kids to do while you work from home

As families around the world have transitioned to working and learning from home, many parents have been tasked with juggling the responsibilities of a job and parenting full time. And although having your kids unexpectedly join your virtual meetings can create entertaining interruptions, you may be looking for more fun ways to keep them occupied while you’re busy. Read on for our list of activities that your child can do independently while you’re paying the bills. 

Turn on an audiobook

Help your children improve their literacy skills and fall in love with the art of storytelling by listening to an audiobook. Audiobooks are especially useful for children who are not yet reading at grade level. Listening to stories while looking at the text makes reading a multisensory experience, which can help children make strides in pronunciation and reading comprehension. The compelling narrators also keep children more engaged with the story, so that they stay focused while you’re working. 

Check out this list that’s full of fun audiobooks for children of all ages. Plus, kids can currently access thousands of audiobooks for free through Audible Stories.

Solve a puzzle

Puzzles are great educational tools to boost cognitive development and problem-solving skills. If you have multiple children, encourage them to work together on a puzzle. It’ll help them learn valuable teamwork skills!

Puzzles come in a variety of shapes and sizes that children of all ages can work on. Young children can begin with puzzles that help them learn colors, shapes, and numbers. Older children should start with more complex jigsaw puzzles consisting of a few hundred pieces.

Try out Education.com’s puzzles for preK-5th grade students and watch your child’s excitement grow as they overcome new challenges!

Exercise videos

Scheduling exercise time for children will create a more peaceful work environment, cut down on screen time, and help them stay healthy. Research shows that physical activity boosts the cognitive performance of children, which can improve academic achievement in school. Johanna Calderon, a professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, notes that “Physical activity is critical for getting blood (and therefore oxygen) flowing to the brain and for emotional well-being, which are in turn essential for children’s executive function development.”

There are a variety of free workout videos available online that are specifically designed for kids. Many of these videos incorporate yoga routines, themed adventures, dance parties, and cardio exercises that will help kids burn off excess energy!

Arts and crafts

Art activities are an easy way for kids to have fun, explore their creativity, and stay occupied for hours while you’re working. Many activities can be done with materials you have lying around the house, and can be worked on indoors or outside. Art projects also provide an opportunity for children to step away from their electronic devices to limit screen time. 

From creating paper mache bowls to DIY jellyfish or a colorful kaleidoscope, Education.com has hundreds of arts and crafts activities to help children strengthen their creativity at home. 

Learn with educational games 

Playing interactive educational games is one of the best ways to inspire a child to learn. Learning games provide engaging opportunities to boost knowledge while improving problem solving, digital literacy, and memorization skills. Keep your child’s mind primed with Education.com’s diverse set of games that help learners build important skills in reading, math, writing, and more! 

Looking for even more at-home educational ideas? Explore Education.com’s Learning Library of resources perfect for K-6th grade!