Stay on track this school year with Weekly Boost

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Have you tried out’s Weekly Boost? Featuring educational resources that sync with the school year, Weekly Boost is a convenient way for parents and teachers to supplement a student’s education with additional learning and practice!

With Weekly Boost, you can find hand-picked materials like educational games, worksheets, projects, and lesson plans targeted to your learner for every week of school. Weekly Boost for preschool through 5th grade offers resources in four subjects: word study, math, reading, and writing. Sixth and 7th grade Weekly Boosts features general math and English language arts content. If your learner needs to review or likes to work ahead, you can select any week and any grade level.

Weekly Boost content fits into lesson plans with minimal effort. Each resource is easy to digitally assign to your learners, and teachers can send all of the week’s suggested resources to parents at once with the “Share with parents” button!

Also, Weekly Boost is made to support English-language learners (ELLs) and features resources to help them. For example, each preschool to 5th grade reading and math section has a support lesson marked with an EL icon to help ELLs succeed with the other activities.

Get targeted educational resources every school week with Weekly Boost! Find it on the homepage when you’re signed in to a Basic or Premium account, or in the “More” section of the main menu.