Spring-inspired art activities for elementary schoolers

Say hello to longer days and sunnier skies with these springtime art projects!

Education.com offers dozens of creative projects that will get your little ones excited for the coming season. These activities help teach children about flowers, animals, and weather patterns by encouraging them to go outside, observe their surroundings, and collect materials for their art projects. Check out some of our favorites:

Make a sketchbook

Make your child’s experience with nature exciting by creating garden journal sketchbooks for them to draw or write their observations. This activity combines artistic techniques, creative thinking, and literacy skills to help introduce your preschool or kindergarten student to basic nature concepts. Your child will even get to practice their fine motor skills by “sewing” the book together!

Spring collage

Looking for a fun way to upcycle some old newspapers and magazines? Challenge your preschooler to create a collage that depicts their idea of a perfect spring day. And you can even sneak in a little lesson on weather and the seasons while you’re at it! Try our lesson plan What Kind of Weather? to introduce weather and seasons to young students.

Flower prints

Learn which plants bloom during the spring by collecting some of the flowers growing around your neighborhood and creating a flower print with them! These prints require only basic materials, and make great cards, wall-hangings, and bookmarks. This activity is perfect for second graders.

Duct tape flowers

This one’s for the older kids! Have your child try their hand at folding duct tape into a flower “bouquet.” These creations can be modeled after real or imaginary flowers, and are great because they’re sturdy and long-lasting. 

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