Try these hands-on learning activities for kids of all ages!

Online learning fatigue can get the best of anyone, which is why offers hands-on learning activities specifically designed to give kids a break from screen time. 

These interactive activities combine physical and mental skills that challenge children to think outside the box. With activities in science, design, math, and art, these projects are sure to keep kids of all ages entertained!

Take a look at some of our favorites:

Gratitude tree

Teach your little ones the importance of expressing thanks with a gratitude tree! This activity is perfect for students in preschool through second grade because it combines a fun nature walk with a simple art project. Keep your tree of gratitude in a mason jar or a vase to spread appreciation year-round. 

Things I like about me

Self-respect begins with simple habits, such as the way you talk or think about yourself. Help your children create healthy, self-respecting habits with this fun activity. Create a poster that details attributes your child likes about themselves, such as special talents, favorite hobbies, or hidden strengths. Then watch their confidence grow!

Solar oven design challenge 

Some of’s most exciting interactive activities are our design challenges, which encourage kids to think of creative solutions to ambitious questions. For this challenge, see if your kids can come up with a way to make an “oven” using only the sun and some materials they can find around the house. This project is perfect for third graders and results in a yummy treat if completed correctly! 

Explore soil erosion

Help your fourth graders understand the science behind erosion—the washing or blowing away of soil—with this nitty gritty project! This project brings Earth science to life by allowing students to get their hands dirty while taking a deep dive into the complexities of the Earth’s outer layers. 

Clean water filtration system

Clean water is a necessity in our daily lives. Help your fifth graders understand the process of how we get it by creating a filtration system at home! Using household materials, children can build a sanitation station for their water and start thinking about what it would take to filter enough water for a whole city.

Whether your kids are back in the classroom or still at home, these hands-on activities will keep learning fun and engaging.