Build literacy skills with leveled books

Help your child improve their reading skills with leveled books! Read stories about the seasons, animals, body positivity, and more.

Written to help kids learn fundamental literacy skills,’s leveled book collection supports reading growth by providing fun, colorful, and engaging stories—all with developmentally appropriate levels of difficulty. has leveled books from Level AA (equivalent to a preschool level) to Level N (equivalent to a 2nd grade level). Early leveled books feature one short and simple sentence per page, while more advanced books challenge learners with reading whole paragraphs. Level C and above books also add new elements such as tables of contents and glossaries. 

Meeting your reader where they are

With’s leveled books, the same stories are written at different levels to support various reading abilities and English-language learners. If a child is struggling with a book, reading the same story at an earlier level can help them understand it better. Similarly, harder levels can provide an added challenge to readers who find a book too easy.

Additionally, every leveled book has audio narration support. The book highlights words as the narrator says them, modeling the correct sounds for the reader.

Use leveled books to give your early reader a head start. You can find them in the Learning Library and assign them to your child now!