Upgrade your teaching: Assign worksheets digitally!

Take your instruction to the next level by assigning worksheets to students digitally! This simple switch will save you time and energy and keep students more engaged. 

Education.com offers thousands of educational worksheets that are interactive and customizable, and perfect for kids of all ages. By assigning these worksheets digitally, you’ll be able to view students’ progress and grade their work all in one place! 

Assigning a worksheet 

To assign a worksheet digitally, log into your Premium teacher account and select the designated worksheet. Click “assign digitally,” then choose the due date, number of attempts, assignees, and more. 

Grade in real time

Watch students’ answers roll in as they complete the worksheet, and grade as you go!

Since these worksheets are graded by you, not a machine, you get to decide what qualifies as a “correct” answer. This feature is great for worksheets on more subjective topics, such as writing. 

Supporting a wide range of students

Assigning worksheets digitally is helpful for students, too! They’ll have the option to write or type their answers and “undo” a response if they feel they answered incorrectly, encouraging them to work at their own pace and in the manner best suited to their learning style. 

Browse our entire library of worksheets here, and start assigning digitally!