Learn independently with printable workbooks!

Whether students are learning at home or in the classroom, our workbooks are excellent resources for parents and teachers. These printable workbooks offer easy, self-guided instruction that allow kids to work and learn at their own pace. Teachers can seamlessly fit them into any lesson plan and parents can use them to keep children engaged and challenged. 

Each workbook is packed with colorful activities and skills aligned to specific grade levels. Learners answer engaging writing prompts, solve fun fill-in-the-blank math questions, try their hand at social studies trivia, construct arts and crafts projects, and more. Check out all of our workbooks and read on to learn about a few of our favorite ones!


Money, Money, Money!—1st grade

Children learn the basics of counting cash by working on word problems, matching activities, and more with this workbook!

Second Grade Place Value—2nd grade 

Students use place value tools, such as hundreds charts, tens sticks, and graphs, to practice addition and subtraction of two- and three-digit numbers.

Learn to Multiply—3rd grade 

Students strengthen their math muscles while working on multiplication squares, number puzzles, coloring activities, and more!

Reading and writing

Be a Text Detective—2nd grade

Students spot context clues and learn how to identify the main idea in passages with this reading comprehension workbook!

My Vacation—3rd grade 

Learners practice summarizing works of fiction, identifying chronology, interpreting pictures, and more while reading a story about a family getaway. 

Get Ready for Fourth Grade—4th grade

This summer-themed workbook will help students develop reading and writing skills for fourth grade! Learners will practice using prefixes and suffixes to write words, adverbs to describe events, and more skills that teach grammar basics.

Social studies and science

Learn the 50 States—3rd grade

Can your learner name the 50 states? This workbook provides a fun social studies lesson with fill-in-the-blank maps and trivia that’ll help your student become a U.S. geography whiz in no time!

Aquatic Biomes—4th grade

Learners explore earth and life science with crossword puzzles, fill-in-the-blank exercises, and a writing prompt in this workbook on ecosystems! 

Weather & Seasons—Preschool

Students play memory and matching games to identify the seasons in this workbook. This resource also comes with a fun, hands-on activity to help your learner illustrate how trees change throughout the year!

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