5 ways parents can show appreciation for teachers

5 ways parents can show appreciation for teachers header

With new ways of teaching to learn and new stresses to deal with, the past school year has been especially challenging for educators. For this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week, which starts May 3rd, your child’s teachers could probably use some extra special treatment!

Here are some ideas for how parents can show their thanks for teachers’ hard work:

Get crafty

A handmade gift can feel particularly meaningful, especially if you get your kid to help you make it. That way your child’s teacher is receiving a gift not just from a parent, but from their student as well! There are all kinds of crafts you can make with your child that are sure to put a smile on their teacher’s face. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can work with other parents on a class project, such as a class book where every student contributes a page.

When choosing a project, consider small crafts for easier keeping. Skipping big crafts like a large framed picture or a poster board will make the craft easier to store.

Send a virtual tribute

For parents who don’t want to send a physical gift, there are a ton of ways to recognize teachers virtually! Sign an e-card, record and send a video expressing thanks, or make a celebratory post on social media.

Also, one of the big upsides of a virtual message is that it’s easy to connect with other parents of students in the class to send a big group thank you! You could arrange a class video made of recorded submissions from the students, or make a photo collage of all the students holding up signs with sweet messages on them.

Organize a fundraiser

Many teachers pay for teaching supplies out of their own pocket, so a drive to raise money for next year’s classroom necessities can help out a lot. You can solicit donations from other students’ families, as well as people in your community who are interested in supporting teachers. Using an online fundraising platform like GoFundMe can make this easier—though keep in mind that many of them charge fees or take a percentage of the money you raise.

Buy a gift

Of course, purchasing a gift for your child’s teacher is always a great way to show that you appreciate them. When you’re picking out a gift, opt for something that’s personalized to their interests. Receiving a gift that’s targeted to what they like can help teachers feel special and cared for! Pool your funds with other parents in the class to buy a bigger gift that your kid’s teacher won’t forget.

For more general options that are sure to please, try flowers, gift cards, or donations to a charity in their name. You can still add a handmade touch and up the presentation value by arranging your present in a gift basket or fancy envelope.

Write a letter

If none of the other options feel right, it’s hard to go wrong with writing a letter expressing sincere words of appreciation. Your child can contribute as well, maybe by describing their favorite part of their teacher’s class. Sometimes showing you care just takes expressing your thoughts and a small bit of effort.