Tips for learning while on vacation

Learning is everywhere—even on vacation! Check out these simple ways to embrace learning opportunities while you’re away. Chances are, these will actually make your trip even more engaging and enjoyable!

Use your travel time

Unless you’re enjoying a staycation, your trip is bound to involve some travel time. One awesome way to make the time pass quickly is to get your child fully engaged in some fun learning! has some great printable resources that you can bring along for the ride. For example,’s workbooks are full of entertaining activities, quizzes, visual aids, charts,  characters, and more. You can have your child learn about a new topic, dive into a favorite subject, or choose the workbook aligned to their grade level! 

Along the way, you can also use’s online learning games. With more than 850 to choose from, you’ll never run out of games to explore! Each game helps your child develop a specific skill, so you can rest assured that they’ll be learning while they’re having fun.

Lean into your surroundings

New experiences are excellent learning opportunities, and vacations are a great chance for your family to explore the world outside of your everyday environment.

No matter where you’re headed, you can immerse your family in the unique aspects of your new locale. For example, heading to the coast is a great opportunity to discover more about ocean life: there may be an aquarium available, tide pools you can check out, or a snorkeling excursion to go on. 

After the activity, be sure to discuss what you saw as a family. While you’re chatting, try to identify which parts were the most compelling for your child. Then, you can search online or in’s library for more information on the specific aspects your child was most interested in.

Make memories

Encourage activities that allow your child to explore their creative side! Maybe they can help you take photos during the trip and put together a scrapbook afterwards. Or, they can color a scene of their favorite part of each day, or write a journal detailing their thoughts along the way. By creating something unique and lasting, they’ll be sure to remember the trip for years to come! 

Have fun

Learning while you’re on vacation will likely look very different from a school environment. However, it can be just as valuable! By exploring the world around them and diving deeper into topics and activities they’re interested in, your child will see that there are many different ways to learn and grow.