Celebrate Fourth of July with fun learning activities

No need to put learning to rest this Fourth of July weekend! There are a wealth of opportunities for your child to expand their knowledge and creative skills between family picnics and firework displays. Whether you’re celebrating from home or at the beach, our roundup of Independence Day resources—specially designed and curated by the Education.com team— is sure to delight the whole family and inspire new July 4th traditions! 

Embrace the freedom of reading and writing

Break out the crayons and encourage writing skills with Fourth of July worksheets! Have your preschooler trace key Independence Day words and connect the dots with 8 patriotic pre-writing worksheets. Your first grader can also enjoy practicing their reading with fun facts and word searches! And to foster your second grader’s creative side, have them write a patriotic poem or acrostic to define what freedom means to them. 

Count your way to Fourth of July fun 

While preschool to 4th grade learners can practice their math skills with a variety of Independence Day worksheets, the whole family can have fun applying their math skills in the kitchen! Use fractions and measurement while making a healthy cheesecake, or set the table with patriotic quilt placemats that flex your child’s geometry knowledge. 

Step in a revolutionary’s shoes 

Is your child ready to dive into the history behind the holiday? Third to 5th grade learners can work their way through America’s 13 original colonies and learn more about pivotal battles. To boost their math skills and history knowledge, your child can map the route delegates took to sign the Declaration of Independence—and even write their own personal declaration of beliefs! 

Host a Fourth of July feast 

Math, history, art—putting together a Fourth of July feast engages a multitude of skill sets for each learner. Have your child practice shape identification with watermelon blueberry stars or follow measurements for healthy burgers. To set the table, learn the history and science behind candle making or decorate a patriotic themed picnic caddy. Young or old, the whole family will love making star garlands to decorate your home!

Enjoy safe firework fun 

If your child spends the whole day waiting for fireworks, a fun outdoor science project might be just the thing to hold them over until evening! With a special Fourth of July twist, the soda explosion project is the perfect warm weather activity that explains the science behind explosions of all kinds. For a more colorful indoor display, a glass of water and food dye can satisfy that same curiosity. Supplement your activities with a history of fireworks worksheet to keep the learning going!