Celebrating National Summer Learning Week

National Summer Learning Week begins July 12, which means it’s the perfect time to explore some of Education.com’s awesome resources! From design challenges to science experiments, we’ve got exciting activities for every type of learner. 

The National Summer Learning Association has assigned each day of this special week a theme to get kids excited about different academic subjects. We’re sharing a few of our favorites with supporting resources from Education.com. Check them out:

Dive into a Book Adventure

There’s nothing like sitting on a beach with a good book in hand, right? Luckily, Education.com offers Interactive Stories, which bring adventurous tales to life and provide easy-to-follow reading comprehension practice. Perfect for pre-K-second graders, these stories focus on social-emotional learning themes like patience and generosity. 

And if you’re looking for more literacy help, take a look at our Guided Lessons, which walk students through letter sounds and sight words. Or, try out our printable worksheets so kids can practice writing letters, words, and sentences, themselves!

Discover STEM and Soar

Dive into science, technology, engineering, and math with Education.com’s Design Challenges! These activities require students to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to questions like how to create a structure out of gumdrops, or how to build a bottle rocket.

Education.com also offers science-specific projects thath encourage students to plan, execute, and reflect on an experiment. From creating a solar oven to constructing a computer, these projects are sure to spark a love for STEM in all students. 

Eat Healthy and Grow Strong to Win at Wellness

A nutritious diet and active lifestyle are essential to keeping your body healthy and your mind alert. If kids aren’t getting enough fresh food or physical activity throughout the day, it can be hard for them to concentrate on school and absorb new material. 

Education.com offers games to help children identify healthy foods, and worksheets that encourage them to establish a basic fitness routine. And if you need some encouragement to stay active, our blog has posts on encouraging outdoor activities and the benefits of learning outside

Make a Masterpiece

Uncover a hidden talent or take your creativity to the next level with Education.com’s art and music resources! With over a thousand art project ideas in our Learning Library, and hundreds of music games and worksheets, kids will be able to keep learning even while they’re having fun. 

Ready to jump into National Summer Learning Week? Click here to get started.