Establishing a back-to-school routine

After a year of uncertainty, kids could use some extra support as a new school year approaches. Check out our tips on establishing a routine that will provide your child with the stability they need to thrive back at school:

Create a visual schedule

Making a visual schedule with your child is a great way to get them excited about returning to class, extra-curriculars, and playdates! Before the school year begins, test out using this template to track birthday parties, family dinners, and weekend trips, so your child can get the hang of using it. Encouraging them to draw out their schedule in advance can be a useful tool in helping them visualize going back to school.

Start implementing power up and power down rituals

The practice of waking up and going to bed on time can take weeks to perfect, and might be met with some initial resistance. Make morning and nighttime routines fun with a power up and power down ritual, like practicing some mindful movement or reading a book together before bed. 

Giving your child something to look forward to during daily transition periods can help them ease into their new routine smoothly, and prepare them for early mornings and evenings during the school year. 

Encourage your child to communicate their needs

Returning to the classroom can feel intimidating after a normal year… imagine how scary it might feel after a year at home! Working with your child to understand what they need to feel comfortable back at school will ensure that they’re well prepared come fall.

Maybe they want to bring their special backpack or a favorite book—familiar objects are a great way to help your child feel secure and confident, and ready to dive into a new adventure!

Give your child plenty of downtime

Regardless of how adaptable your child is, this year is going to feel very different from the last one, and it’s important to give them lots of time to rest and take it all in. It can be tempting to jump back  into your same level of pre-pandemic busyness, but easing into your back-to-school routine slowly will help your child avoid burnout and make the most of the new school year!