Even more new middle school resources!

Over the last year, Education.com has introduced sixth, seventh, and eighth grade resources, and we’ve been continually expanding our Learning Library with additional middle school materials ever since! 

Check out some of our new interactive games, colorful worksheets, and fun science projects for your older learners: 

Graphing Points to Find Treasure 

Learning complex concepts can become challenging the further your child advances in school. Our games help kids translate abstract theories into real-life understanding. This game gives students a chance to practice graphing integers while helping a pirate find his lost crew and the buried treasure! 

Solving Problems Using Angle Relationships

Education.com’s worksheets, available in both digital and printable formats, are a great way for visual learners to interpret information. In this worksheet, your child can build their geometry skills for upper-level math courses by using angle relationships to solve problems. 

Analyzing an Adaptation: Book vs. Movie

It’s always fun to debate whether the movie is as good as the book! This worksheet helps your child develop critical thinking skills by comparing and contrasting a book to its film adaptation. They’ll analyze the differences and hypothesize about why the director made certain changes. Bonus activity: design a new movie poster or book cover that reflects their response to the medium they preferred!  

Determine the Effect of Gray Water on Plant Growth

If your child is a tactile learner, they may find our hands-on activities more engaging! Try our science project where they investigate how gray water, the used water from washing hands or dishes, affects plant growth and health.

This is just a small sampling of the exciting new resources we have in store. Explore more middle school activities in the Education.com library!