Habits to develop for a healthy school year

Creating a back-to-school routine is essential for making a smooth transition into the fall semester. To help kids stick to such routines, it’s important to develop healthy habits. 

Healthy habits can also provide stability and help children meet their goals! Check out some of our favorite practices to establish this school year:

Wake up and go to bed on time

Sleeping in and staying up late might be fine during the summer, but come fall kids need to be able make it to class on time and get enough sleep each night. Helping your child wake up and go to sleep at reasonable hours will make the transition back into school smoother. 

Instead of setting an alarm for your kids in the morning, try finding alternative methods such as playing their favorite song or audiobook! These methods are gentler than an alarm, and are sure to get their day going on the right foot. 

At night, help them wind down an hour before bedtime. Wind-down often takes longer than you think, so giving them a set amount of time to brush their teeth, read a story, and get tucked in, will help turn this process into a beneficial habit.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Help kids develop healthy eating habits by encouraging them to start off with a nutritious breakfast and continue munching on whole foods throughout the day!

Breakfast is key to starting the day off right! Figure out what protein-packed breakfast foods your child likes best (like eggs or yogurt) and incorporate them into their morning meal. You can even try making a breakfast pizza

Establish “homework hour”

Homework can feel like a chore, but if you help your child carve out a designated hour to get it done, chances are they will. Try setting up a homework station, with pens and pencils, a calculator, periodic table, or anything else they might need. Then set a timer and watch them work!

Having a set time each day to sit down and get homework done will help your child cut down on distractions and complete their homework more efficiently.

Get active

Making sure your child understands the importance of physical activity from a young age will help them prioritize healthy exercise their whole life! 

Try getting active outside or completing a family movement challenge. As long as your child gets time to play or be active each day, they’re on the right track!