Resources to continually support learning at home

As a new school year begins, you may be sending your child back to the classroom or continuing to homeschool or monitor their classes at home. No matter the option, makes it easy for you to ensure that your child is getting all the information they need to thrive this year.

Here’s how you can use to find tailored resources or create an at-home curriculum designed specifically for your child:

Understand your child’s learning levels

Start by getting a good grasp on what your child knows and what they still need to work on. If your child has taken a benchmark assessment in school, or if you have their results to a standardized test like MAP Growth, you can better understand which skills they still need help with and how you can use to help them improve. 

If you don’t have assessment results on hand, you can check out some of’s math assessments, which make it easy to pinpoint your child’s learning levels and address knowledge gaps, all in one place. 

Set learning goals

Once you understand what your child knows, set learning goals so you can make sure they’re on track to reach grade-level proficiency. Not sure where to start? Check out the Common Core State Standards for some useful guidelines!

Have your child write down their goals for maximum impact! You can find some of our favorite goal-setting templates here.

Address knowledge gaps

If there seem to be some holes in your child’s understanding, try filling them with Lesson Plans or Guided Lessons! Both of these resources make it easy to head back to basics, and teach your child the foundational material they need to understand more challenging concepts.

If your child has a solid foundation and just needs a little extra work on specific skills,’s worksheets are a great supplement to everyday learning! From multiplication to sentence structure, these worksheets provide your child with everything they need to succeed. 

Make learning fun

Don’t forget to make learning at home fun! offers thousands of games, art projects, hands-on activities, and more to make learning exciting and engaging for all kids. Head to our website to learn more!