How to keep your learner focused

Homework time typically happens in between a full day of learning and after-school activities. It’s important to create a routine for homework to help your learner concentrate on the day’s assignments. 

With a little discipline and even a little exercise, you can help your child make the most out of their study hour. Check out our list of tips below! 

Get them moving 

Kids have a ton of energy, even after a busy day at school. Help them clear their mind before homework time with some exercise! Sports are a great way to get moving, but any physical activity will do. Encourage your child to ride their bike, have a dance party, or help out with chores around the house. Regular exercise can help kids focus and provides a lasting memory boost

Create a dedicated learning space 

Help your child get in the zone by providing a consistent study space. Whether they’re working at a desk or the kitchen table, it’s important to keep this area comfortable and distraction-free. Every learner is different, so keep their learning style in mind—some learners work better in quiet spaces, while others may need a bit more ambient noise. 

No matter what they prefer, make sure the space is well-lit and well-stocked with everything they’ll need, including pencils and notebooks. Feel free to let your child customize their space with paintings or drawings of their own! 

Eliminate online distractions 

If your child is using a digital device to learn, we recommend eliminating online distractions to keep their attention on the lesson or question at hand.’s Premium feature, Kid Mode, allows your child to play games and complete Guided Lessons in an ad-free environment, without having access to your account settings.

Kid Mode works for teachers too, including for classrooms or after-school programs with limited devices! Students can easily switch “players” when they’ve completed their assignments and hand the device over to the next learner. 

Take breaks 

Breaks are an essential part of study time! While you don’t want your child to get too involved in another activity, it’s important to take a step away from work to stretch or grab a glass of water. Even a short conversation about how their day went can be effective in reducing their stress and increasing their productivity!