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Looking for a fun way to keep the learning going this winter? Check out’s library of 400+ Printable Workbooks

Each grade-level Workbook guides students through an important topic, with plenty of opportunities to dive in and practice. 

Plus, the collection of Winter Workbooks are a perfect way to keep kids entertained and engaged during long days indoors. Check them out:

Holiday Activities

The Counting up the Holidays Workbook helps young learners develop their counting skills in a fun and festive way while learning about Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa!

The Holiday Survival Pack brings good tidings and cheer all winter long! This fun pack is complete with a deck of playing cards, puzzles, drawing prompts and more, this mash up of brainteasers will keep boredom at bay.

Olympic-level learning

The Winter Olympics are coming up! Get learners excited about these athletic events with on-theme workbooks:

In the Winter Olympics Activity Book, kids can pay tribute to the athleticism and international diversity of winter sports! It includes paper crafts and art activities to paint, draw, count, write and craft through the days.

The Ode to the Olympics: Winter Edition Workbook teaches kids about the math and physics behind some of the coolest Winter Olympics sports! Kids solve physics problems with applied math and conduct fun physics experiments at home.

Wintertime writing

The Winter Writing Journal is full of fun prompts to get learners excited about writing. They’ll love creating their own stories and building their own winter bucket list!

Master multiplication

This Multiplication Strategies Workbook includes a round-up of helpful tips, cool shortcuts and practice pages to help your child nail down their times tables.

Crafts and games

The Winter Crafts and Games Workbook includes 12 different activities for wintertime fun! From making ice balloons to creating cookie puzzles, this book is full of ideas to keep young minds active.

Plus, keep winter wonderful with the Winter Smorgasbord Workbook. This mix of paper projects, crafts, coloring pages, and other fun activities will help kids stay occupied during those cozy days indoors.

Looking for more fun winter learning activities? Check out’s library!