4 fun Valentine’s Day activities for kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While most people associate the holiday with exchanging heartfelt cards and candy, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate. Here are some wholesome activities you can do on Valentine’s Day with your family or class.

Compose a sonnet

Valentine’s Day is perfect for poems, and there’s no kind of poem more synonymous with love than the sonnet! Sonnets have both a particular rhyme scheme and rhythmic meter, and composing one can teach structure and flow to budding writers.

Since sonnets can be pretty complicated to write, they’re more suitable for older learners. For younger bards, they may want to try writing a Valentine’s Day limerick or acrostic poem instead.

Craft a yarn heart

This project is made for crafty kids, having them turn some wire and yarn into a fuzzy heart ornament they can hang up at home or give as a gift. Just bend the wire into a heart shape and then wrap the yarn around it so it makes criss-cross patterns. 

To make the project a little more ambitious, you can get additional wire and different colors of yarn so they can keep making hearts. When they’re done, hang them all from a wooden embroidery hoop to create a mobile.

Make a heart-shaped snack

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is the tasty treats people give each other, so food-based activities fit right in with the holiday. Plus, cooking is more than just fun; it’s an important life skill that can help learners become more self-sufficient. Pancakes are a great food to make because they’re delicious, involve a simple recipe, and it’s easy to make them heart-shaped with a mold or a knife.

If you don’t have access to a stovetop or griddle, an alternative recipe you could try is a caprese salad with heart-shaped mozzarella cheese.

Play a Valentine’s Day game

Take on the role of Cupid in this game that’s fun for players of any age. All you need are some empty cereal boxes and pieces of paper to make this version of the popular lawn game cornhole that will challenge your family’s or class’ dexterity. Each player folds their paper into planes and then tries to throw them into the heart-shaped hole cut into one of the cereal boxes. Whoever gets the most “arrows” into the hole wins the game!

For a game that requires less space and movement, Education.com also has a Valentine’s Day board game that you can print out and play.

To find even more ideas and resources for Valentine’s Day fun, look through Education.com’s Learning Library.