Unleash creativity with Brainzy Paint! 

Looking for a fun way to help your kids express themselves through art and creativity? With Brainzy Paint, children can bring out their inner Picasso—without the mess!

What is Brainzy?

Brainzy is a kid-friendly way to access Education.com’s learning resources! Through the Brainzy portal, students are transported to a colorful world where they complete lessons by playing learning games and watching animated videos. 

Additionally, teachers and parents can assign Education.com’s library of worksheets or activities for learners to work on directly in Brainzy. Whether you’re easing kids back to school after a break or trying to gamify your lesson plans, you can make learning fun and engaging! 

Screenshot of Brainzy's interface

How Brainzy Paint works

As students progress through their assignments, they earn awards and gold coins. These coins can be spent on fun tools and accessories for Brainzy Paint, such as rainbow brushes, stickers, coloring pages, and backgrounds. It’s the perfect way to motivate children, integrate art into their lives, and help them take learning breaks. 

No gold coins? No worries. Anyone can use Brainzy Paint to make digital illustrations with the existing brushes and tools!

Screenshot of coloring pages and background scenes available in Brainzy Paint.

Don’t forget to show off your child’s creations to friends and family by downloading or printing them out!

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