Five ways to celebrate Earth Day across the curriculum

Tomorrow is Earth Day, a day of appreciation for this wondrous and complex planet we call home. Bring some of that wonder into the classroom with these Earth Day activities, which run the gamut from science projects to writing prompts. No matter what subject you’re teaching, you can find a way to incorporate Earth Day and the importance of preservation.

Earth Day board game

This printable board game offers a fun way for young students to learn how to protect the environment. As players draw cards, count out spaces, and move around the board, each card shows a different habit that can reduce waste or recycle resources. After you’re done with the game, you can even reuse the board as a calendar and recycle the paper pieces!

My Little Earth Day mini-book

Made for early learners, this mini-book celebrates our home planet with a variety of fun activities. After going through the book sheets, which include a maze, a counting challenge, a writing prompt, and more, learners can fold the pages and staple them together. In the end, they’ll have a little booklet filled with their love for Mother Earth.

Make a water filtration system

Clean water is possibly the most important resource for sustaining human life, so knowing how to filter contaminants out of water is a useful skill. Building this filtration system demonstrates one of the many methods of cleaning water, using rocks, gravel, sand, and activated charcoal to remove impurities and chemicals. It can also lead into a social studies discussion about community access to clean water, which is a key environmental topic.

How to prevent soil erosion

Preventing erosion is a good example of how humans can conserve the planet’s natural resources and livable areas. This science project shows erosion in action, and how humans can stop it by planting grass. Once your class starts the project by sowing grass seeds into an egg carton filled with soil, you can continue the project a few weeks later after the grass has grown a bit. Pour some water on the carton and show how the grass’ roots will prevent the soil from being washed away!

Understanding Earth Day art messages

Art plays a vital role in spreading the message of Earth Day, so there’s all sorts of amazing environmental artwork out there! This activity asks students to study three pieces of art and share their thoughts on them, then ends with a prompt to create their own piece. Interpreting artwork is an effective way to teach how to determine meaning using context clues, comprehension skills, and how to express a viewpoint, so this exercise can fit right into an English language arts lesson.

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