Resources to support English language learners

Whether you teach a class of English language learners (ELL) or a class with a diverse range of language levels, can help! Our targeted resources offer ELL support in various subjects and grade levels, setting students up for success across the curriculum. 

Read on to see how our ready-made resources can support ELL students in your classroom.

EL lesson plans

Give English learners the language support they need with’s EL lesson plans! Curated by expert educators, these detailed guides are specifically designed to help ELL students successfully learn new topics in math, reading, and writing while developing their English.

With hundreds of lesson plans aligned to PreK-5th grade Common Core standards, you can easily make sure your ELL students are meeting key benchmarks. Plus, each guide includes all the materials and instructions you need, so you can spend more time teaching instead of prepping! 

Adjustable lesson plans 

Teaching a class of students with varying English knowledge levels? Thanks to’s adjustable lesson plans, you can easily differentiate learning for all students while including everyone in the same activities! 

For any of our adjustable lesson plans, turning on the “EL adjustments” toggle will allow you to see a modified version of the lesson plan to support English learners. With instructional tips or additional worksheets for language learning, these guides aid you in delivering whole-class instruction while simultaneously differentiating learning for ELL students. And yes, these lesson plans come ready to use with everything you need for smooth planning and teaching!

Leveled books 

Written to help learners build fundamental literacy skills, leveled books can help ELL students grow through colorful and engaging stories at appropriate levels of difficulty.’s leveled books are a collection of the same stories written at various reading levels, from PreK to 2nd grade.

If a student is struggling with a book, reading the same story at an earlier level can help them understand it better. On the flip side, advanced levels provide learners with an opportunity to sharpen their reading and comprehension skills. 

Additionally, every leveled book has guided audio support to help readers decode new vocabulary and practice pronunciation! 

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