Four ways to keep kids learning over the summer 

While the summertime should be full of fun days outside or relaxing days at home, it’s also good to keep young learners mentally engaged to prepare for their next grade level. And with’s library of activities, learning can be fun and easy! Here are a few simple ways to keep your kids learning over the summer months.

Read every day

Cultivate a love of reading by providing kids with opportunities to read every day! Research shows that reading just four to six books over the summer months can help prevent learning loss while school is on pause. In particular, students from low-income households see significantly higher gains in reading scores when they have access to books compared to those without access to books. 

Choosing the right books can be tricky, but your child’s teacher or the local library can help select books that will meet their knowledge levels and interests. Libraries often run summer reading programs that motivate kids to read while having fun. Additionally, check out’s summer reading list for recommended reads and resources! 

Keep a schedule

Learning during summer break can be difficult due to the lack of routine that a school day provides. To help build a structured summer schedule, start by communicating with your child about your expectations and their goals. Use a visual planner to help them plan out their daily or weekly calendar.

If you need ideas for planning out your child’s weekly agenda, consider following’s Summer Boost! We have 12 weeks of learning activities planned out and ready to use to help kids play while preparing for the next school year. Each week has a different theme, allowing learners to explore a variety of subjects and topics.  

Get outside 

Take a break from screens and bring the learning outdoors! Zoos, museums, and planetariums can offer valuable hands-on learning experiences for your child. Even family vacations can present themselves with educational opportunities if you know where to look. 

And you don’t even have to leave your neighborhood to spark meaningful conversations with your family. Whether you’re walking the dog or swimming in the backyard, you can spark their curiosity and keep the learning going while staying active

Have fun 

While it’s important to help your child retain their knowledge over the summer, it’s also crucial that they get to relax and have fun! From exciting pool games and beachside art projects to kid-friendly summer recipes, has a variety of fun summer activities to dive into.