Fun activities to beat summer boredom

With summer vacation in full swing, dare we ask how many times your child has declared that they’re bored? If you’ve already run out of ideas to keep them engaged, we don’t blame you! Kids are full of energy and curiosity, so they’re always looking for new things to do. 

But not to worry: We’ve collected a list of fun and enriching summer activities that are sure to curb their boredom!

Dive into summer writing 

Does your child love reading and listening to stories? Let them take a stab at writing their own with these summer writing prompts. You’ll be amazed at where their imagination takes them!

And if you’re traveling this season, invite kids to start a travel diary or create a summer summary card to preserve their favorite memories! These keepsakes will not only help kids sharpen their writing skills but will also be treasured for years to come.

Shell we get crafty? 

Get inspired by the season’s sunny skies and salty waves by dipping your toes into some summer art projects. Craft a mini beach-in-a-box to let kids take a trip to the beach whenever they want. And those seashells your child collected from their most recent seaside adventure? Consider turning them into a whimsical wind chime or an adorable seashell plate

Engineer a STEM project

Have you heard of design thinking? It’s an important STEM concept that requires learners to use their critical thinking skills and creativity to develop and test new ideas. 

Even the youngest of kids can be introduced to design thinking through play! Here are a few project ideas: 

Plus, completing one of these projects makes you eligible for our Summer STEM challenge! Just submit a photo of your child’s creativity by July 31 for a chance to win a one-year Premium Membership.

Cool down with games

When the weather’s too hot to handle, it’s time to break out the water games! This sponge relay combines trivia questions and wet sponges for an exciting race. And if your kids don’t mind getting soaking wet, a wet clothes relay will definitely keep everyone active and cool this summer.

For indoor activities, try one of our printable board games from this summer fun workbook, or browse our collection of PreK-8th grade online games.

Treats to beat the heat

Who doesn’t want an ice-cold treat after a day of play? Have your child help you make ice cream in a bag or fruit popsicles for a cool and sweet way to teach them about the freezing point of water. And if you’re trying to get your kids to eat more fruits, these frozen chocolate-covered bananas might just do the trick!

For more summer fun, check out’s Summer Boost! We’ve planned 12 weeks of K-8 learning activities and games for you.