How to use for homeschooling 

One of the many perks of homeschooling is the ability to tailor the curriculum to your child’s interests and needs. And with over 35,000 PreK-8 learning resources across multiple subjects, makes it easy to do so!

Here are three ways you can leverage’s learning resources to create or enhance an at-home learning plan and help your child flourish. Pick one, mix all three methods, or create your own, as long as it works for you and your learner.

1. Use ready-made lesson plans 

Our expert-curated lesson plans take the stress out of planning so you can focus on meaningful instruction. Each ready-to-use guide contains all the materials you need, including step-by-step instructions, printable PDFs, supplemental resources, and more!

These lesson plans are available across various subjects in PreK through 8th grade. And with 200+ lesson plans aligned to Common Core standards, you can be confident your child is working towards meeting key benchmarks.

2. Foster independent learning 

With’s Guided Lessons, your child can hone 800+ core skills through a self-paced digital lesson with step-by-step instructions. Each lesson is a mix of different media—such as songs, stories, and games—that teach or review certain skills. The best part: It makes learning and assessment fun and enjoyable for kids.

All the activities in Guided Lessons can be assigned digitally, which children will instantly see in Brainzy—no printing needed!

3. Get creative with hands-on learning 

Along with printable worksheets and digital assignments, also has activities and games to reinforce the topics your child is interested in through hands-on learning. Use these resources to take your child’s learning outside of the homeschool classroom. 

From art projects and volunteer ideas to science experiments and cooking recipes, our collection of hands-on activities includes enrichment ideas for all grade levels and subject areas. And our PreK-8 educational games teach learners important topics from math and English language arts to typing and coding in an engaging environment.

Track your child’s progress 

No matter which instructional methods you use, don’t forget to celebrate your child’s successes! Follow along on their learning journey and point them in the right direction with’s Progress Tracker.  At a glance, you’ll see where they’re excelling and where they may need additional support. 

And based on their results, recommends resources to help your child close their knowledge gaps. You can print these recommended activities or assign them directly from the Progress Tracker, making it easy to help your learner grow! 

Ready to start homeschooling? Head to our Learning Library to find all the resources you need.