Five tips for back-to-school success with

It’s officially our favorite time of the year! We’ve rounded up various resources to welcome students to the new school year with From teacher tools and parent guides to fun icebreaker ideas, you’ll find everything you need for a successful back-to-school season all in one place. 

Whether you’re a parent or teacher (or both!), here are some ways to make the transition back to school easier for you and your kids.

Ease into learning with review packets

Helping kids return to the classroom after summer vacation is easier with’s pre-made revision worksheets. Our fall review packets provide five full days of learning activities in language arts, math, science, and other fun topics. These expert-curated resources will help students refresh skills in critical concepts and get up to speed for fall. 

Give your learners a solid and confident start to this new school year! Find four weeks of fun, jam-packed review activities for K-5th grade students here.

Use ready-made teacher resources 

Spend less time planning and more time teaching with our ready-to-use teacher tools, designed by our expert curriculum team. From comprehensive sub plans to in-depth novel study sets, take advantage of these powerful assets to make this year your best.

And don’t forget to spruce up your classroom with our printable decorations! Find fun bulletin board decor, fillable calendars, and colorful posters to brighten your space.

Prepare for the new year with parent guides

Moving to a new grade level or a new school can be stressful for both children and parents alike. Luckily, you don’t have to go through this transition alone.’s team of experienced educators and parents is here to guide you through this exciting time. 

Our parent guides detail what you can expect as kids grow and develop academically and socially this year. Inside, you’ll also find tips for supporting your child in today’s classroom, resources for social-emotional success, and ways to build a connection with their teacher.

Stay organized this school year 

Transitioning from summer days with minimal structure to school days with a fixed schedule can be tough on children. Help them get back on their feet with visual guides, such as a homework planner or a study plan

Plus, check out our tips for establishing a back-to-school routine. Providing kids with some consistency can help them adapt better to the new changes they’re facing this school year.

Get to know your students 

Learning is undoubtedly important, but so is nurturing a relationship with your students. Building a strong rapport with your class from the first day will help you gain their trust and respect faster. Fun icebreaker activities, like a scavenger hunt or a friendly bingo competition, will also help put kids at ease and encourage them to make new friends. 

For more helpful tools and educational activities to jumpstart this new school year, dive into our back-to-school toolkit or visit’s Learning Library