Four learning activities for seasonal changes

The changing of the seasons can be an exciting time for children. New seasons mean new beginnings, such as the start of school, or fun seasonal activities, like pumpkin carving in the fall or ice skating in the winter!

And with these transitions, your learners may be curious about how and why seasons change. Help students understand the nature of change through these fun science, math, and art projects.

Track change through the seasons 

This year-long science and art project allows younger children to document the seasonal changes happening outside their windows. Not only will kids learn how to make observations and collect data like a scientist, but they’ll also get to create an ever-changing piece of art! 

Find out why leaves don’t stay green

Why does the color of leaves change? In this activity, students will first learn about the role of chlorophyll in green leaves. Then, they’ll apply their math and science knowledge to collect leaves, examine them, and visualize their observations. 

Learn what causes the seasons to change 

Now that learners know why leaves change colors, they can also explore why the seasons change. Before diving into this science experiment, encourage kids to share their hypotheses on what they think affects Earth’s weather and seasons. Afterward, they can discover how the tilt of the planet causes seasonal differences with this hands-on activity. 

Make a changing seasons collage 

Using real materials found in nature such as twigs and leaves, this magical art project allows students to visualize how seasons transition. While the instructions guide kids to turn a summer collage into a fall scene, the directions can also apply to all four seasons. Pair this activity with any of the science projects for a day full of seasonal festivities! 

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