Powerful tools to supplement your teaching

Make the most of your instruction with Education.com’s teacher tools! Along with a comprehensive library of ready-made educational activities, we offer useful resources to help you easily track students’ progress and efficiently address their needs. 

Check out how our built-in tools can support you this school year.

Assign and grade digitally 

Education.com offers thousands of worksheets, games, and lessons that can be assigned digitally. Students can immediately view, complete, and submit exercises online—saving time, energy, and paper! As learners turn in their assignments, you can review and grade their work all in one place. 

To start, log into your Premium teacher account, choose an activity from our Learning Library, and click “assign digitally.” Then, you can customize the due date, the maximum number of attempts, and more. You can also mark assignments as mandatory, which requires learners to complete their work before moving on to other learning resources and games.

Monitor student growth 

Once you’ve assigned your students a few activities, follow along on their learning journey with Progress Tracker. Get an overview of how your entire class is doing on their assignments or dive into individual student data. With this tool, you can quickly identify which students are struggling and see the exact skills they need more practice with.  

The Progress Tracker also directs you to recommended resources for each skill to help learners grow from where they are. We make it easy to assign activities to individual students, specific groups, or to your whole class for reteaching or review sessions.

Get insights into student activity 

Want to know what your students have been doing on Education.com? Activity Log shows the exact content they worked on and the timestamp for each activity. You’ll also get a direct link to the game, exercise, song, or story.

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