4 easy DIY costumes for kids

DIY costumes for kids

Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to get crafty! If you’re like most parents, you’re probably pulling something together last-minute. This roundup of simple, easy DIY costumes for kids includes something creative for every little trick-or-treater.

1. Max from Where the Wild Things Are

Sometimes, we can feel like we have our own little Wild Thing at home. This Halloween, your kid can be king of the Wild Things for the day with this unique costume idea. All you need is a white outfit and a crown, making this the perfect solution for when you’re scrambling the night before Halloween. With this simple costume, celebrate your child’s inner spirit and pluck while encouraging their love of reading. Now let the wild rumpus start!

2. Sparkly paper butterfly 

Encourage kids to spread their wings with this homemade craft that you can do together! All you need is some poster board, markers, and (most importantly) glitter to bring this creation to life! Does your child want to be a bumble bee or a dragonfly instead? How about a fairy? Spark their imagination and creativity and encourage them to think outside the box. You can adapt this costume idea to bring to life any winged creature they can dream of.

To get in the spirit, try out a butterfly color-by-numbers, fill out a butterfly symmetry worksheet, or practice butterfly breath with your little one. 

3. Computer

Celebrate your little techie with this old-school computer costume! This is a great project to spend time creating with your child, and at the same time, it’s surprisingly simple! A cardboard box, some markers, and tape are really all you need. You can encourage your child to get creative with the image on the screen by having them draw their favorite game or website. Obviously, our go-to is Education.com, but we’re biased!

4. Ladybug

Easy, fun, and cute, this homemade ladybug costume is sure to be a hit! If you’ve got a red hoodie, black paper or fabric, and some pipe cleaners at home, you’re good to go! Dress your little one as one of the cutest little bugs this Halloween. Bonus points if you take some time to teach them about how ladybugs can help out gardens by eating other bugs like aphids, and check out these two fun ladybug activities for inspiration!

Can’t decide on a costume yet? Check out more DIY costumes for kids at Education.com.