Emergency sub plans: one full week of K-5th grade plans

How great would it be to never worry about calling in sick because the sub plans were already ready to go? At Education.com, we know how hard it can be for teachers to take the time off they deserve. That’s why we created a full week’s worth of sub plans for grades K-5th. Whether it’s a sick day, jury duty, or an unexpected emergency, you’ll be prepared: just print and go!

Sub plans at a glance:

  • 5 full days of grade-specific resources + 3 bonus days!
  • Day-to-day schedules by the hour so subs are never unsure about what to do next
  • Comprehensive PDF worksheets, activity handouts, and materials lists
  • Standards-aligned, thematic activities covering literacy, math, social studies, science, and art
  • Brain breaks using movement to re-focus learners
  • Minimal prep: print, review, and go!


For our littlest learners, we offer one full week of Kindergarten sub plans, and the theme is weather and the four seasons. Our day-to-day schedule makes it easy for substitute teachers to follow each day’s subject: on Monday, they learn about the Sun; on Tuesday, they learn about rain; and so on. We break down the day by the hour, and we include ready-to-go worksheets and activities to supplement each hour’s learning.

We even tell subs when to project materials onto the screen and when in the day to give learners a break — nothing is ever confusing with this comprehensive bundle!

We also include three bonus plans for Kindergarten! With these plans, your little ones can explore rhyming words, practice explaining their opinions, learn how to model respectful behavior and resolve conflicts, and act out a story.

First grade

For the first grade classroom, we have a full week of first grade sub plans teaching kids about butterflies, ocean animals, alligators, and sharks. To connect to this animal theme, young learners read stories like Cat in the HatThree Little Pigs, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Throughout the week, we sprinkle in social-emotional learning activities and brain breaks. Subs can use these to re-center a rowdy classroom or just give students a break in the middle of a busy day!

Learning highlights for the three bonus days include: writing their own stories, learning subtraction through art, and making paper bag puppets.

Second grade

Explore one full week of second grade sub plans! The theme for second grade is “All about Me.” Students learn how to analyze character traits and make connections to their own personal traits, as well as to those of fictional characters. They can build on their learning throughout the week with books that celebrate embracing their differences and practicing self-love. STEAM skills include learning about bar graphs, creating a classroom map, and making butterfly art.

Our Premium membership also includes three bonus days of sub plans for second grade. On these bonus days, students can wake up their brains with brain teasers, dive into symmetry to compare and create owls, and even partake in an engineering challenge!

Third grade

The theme for the full week of third grade sub plans is “We Are All Connected.” Week-long, students learn about importance of taking care of their community, explore the relationship between addition and multiplication, and practice developing story structures.

The three bonus days of sub plans for third grade span the gamut of creating their own comic to solving math puzzles to making a map of their route to school!

Fourth grade

We offer a full week of fourth grade sub plans with a baseball theme. Students read Casey at the Bat, Girl Wonder, and a Jackie Robinson biography. They then use this reading to learn about poem narratives, compare and contrast pieces of writing, and write their own story that contains missing parts. During the week, they also have the chance to create flip books and solve multiplication crosswords. Each day ends with an assessment that acts as their “exit ticket” for the day.

Our three bonus days of sub plans for fourth grade include contrasting the lives of W.E.B. Du Bois and George Washington Carver, finding the perimeter of a given shape on graph paper, and making art that represents common puns.

Fifth grade

Our one full week of fifth grade sub plans is hero-themed! These sub plans guide students through discussions about the idea of heroes, both real and imagined, through a social studies lens. Highlights include exploring the U.S. Constitution, researching and writing about heroes, and using purposeful language like onomatopoeia, hyperbole, and homophones in their writing. Students also review place values with whole numbers through the millions, as well as the powers of 10 with whole numbers and decimals. Art projects include creating stamps and Roman relief coins that feature their heroes.

Additionally, our three bonus days of sub plans for fifth grade give students the chance to identify a growth mindset and create a poster, write an imaginary acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize, and create 3-D figures with centimeter graph paper!

These sub plan bundles are available exclusively through Education.com’s Premium membership plan. Premium members also get unlimited access to over 35,000 printable worksheets, activities, and lesson plans, as well as online games for kids. Check out our membership options for teachers to learn more!