Round-up of new middle-school science and social studies resources

Over the past two months, has published more than 150 new and updated worksheets! We have significantly expanded our middle school science and social studies resources, ensuring that families can continue to rely on the same great content, even as their kids get older. We highlighted some of our favorite new science and social studies resources for older kids below! Read on to learn how you can best incorporate the latest worksheets into your home or classroom.

Middle school science: 

1. Research an ecosystem

Help kids learn about the environment and the world around them! This life science worksheet will guide middle-schoolers through conducting research about an ecosystem of their choice. Then, they will draw an ecosystem model based on their findings that shows how nutrients and energy flow throughout the ecosystem.

2. The nervous system

Introduce students to the basics of anatomy and physiology with this interactive worksheet about the nervous system. First, they will read a short passage and learn key vocabulary related to the nervous system, including axons, synapses, dendrites, and myelin. On pages 2 and 3, they will answer questions about what they read and will label different parts of the nervous system, allowing them to reflect on their learning.

3. Newton’s first law of motion

Physics is an important part of any middle-school curriculum, and it helps kids better understand the world around them! With this new worksheet, students will explore Newton’s first law of motion and test their understanding of this key concept with matching questions and real-world examples.

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Middle school social studies: 

1. Current events: What’s in the news?

Ever had kids ask you a question about something they saw in the news? Encourage them to analyze the facts for themselves with this current events worksheet. Students pick a news story, and the worksheet guides them through exploring the different key players involved, as well as connecting the story to its larger real-world significance, making them better, more active members of their community.

2. What are supply and demand?

Teach your kids about the principles of economics with this supply and demand worksheet! Students will learn about the driving causes behind the economy, as well as why the market might rise or fall. For older kids, these concepts are important to understand, helping them become more informed citizens.

3. The gold and salt trade

West Africa’s gold and salt trade routes were important trade network lanes, and understanding the significance of this trade is the basis for learning later eras of history and politics. This two-page worksheet is a great way to help middle-schoolers develop reading comprehension skills, such as differentiating details from central ideas, using text evidence to support analysis, determining vocabulary meaning using context clues.

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