New Year’s resolutions for kids and teens (with goal-setting worksheets)

Goal-setting is an important part of a young person’s development, and New Year’s resolutions are a great way to get started. With 2023 around the corner, it’s time for kids and teens to reflect on their accomplishments in the past year and set attainable goals for the year to come!

Goal-setting worksheets by grade level

These worksheets and activities for grades K-8 can help guide your child or teen as they set intentions for the new year! Get started by clicking one of the images below based on their grade level and needs.

Resolutions by grade level

Once you start filling out the worksheets above, you might need more inspiration for your child’s New Year’s resolutions! Read on to see our list of fun and realistic goals for each age group.

Resolutions for pre-k to 2nd grade

  • Practice showing kindness to my sibling
  • Read 2 new picture books every week
  • Explore the outdoors for 30 minutes a day
  • Learn how to ride a bike
  • Brush my teeth every day
  • Try a bite of new foods
  • Make more arts and crafts (get started with our 400+ arts and crafts to inspire young artists)

Resolutions for 3rd to 5th grade

  • Take care of a plant and watch it grow (you might want to check out this caring for plants guide first)
  • Try out a new sport or join a team
  • Learn to play a new instrument, or join the orchestra or choir at school
  • Practice forgiveness more often
  • Reach out to one person at school I don’t talk to often and get to know them
  • Start writing in a journal
  • Do something nice for myself every week
  • Help my family cook dinner once a week
  • Teach my younger sibling something new

Resolutions for 6th to 8th grade

  • Meditate and practice mindfulness (this mindfulness intention-setting worksheet can help you get started)
  • Make my bed every morning
  • Keep my phone’s screen time average below ___ minutes (setting a limit in your phone’s settings can help)
  • Try a new activity that is outside my comfort zone
  • Build confidence through public speaking
  • Help the planet by using less plastic (learn all about plastic here)
  • Reach out to a friend I lost contact with
  • Practice self care (this daily self-care challenge is a great way to start!)
  • Use a planner or online calendar to stay organized

If you’re looking for more inspiration,’s Learning Library has over 35,000 worksheets, activities, and games for grades Pre-K to 8.

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