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Kids love playing math games on! Parents and teachers can access games directly through the Learning Library, which has over 400 math games, or use Brainzy, our kid-friendly portal that allows kids to play games and move through levels tailored to their grade. What’s more, Premium users can assign these games to students and monitor their progress on the site.

Read on to see our round-up of’s 10 best math games that kids can’t get enough of!

1. Jumpy

Coming in at number one is Jumpy! In this classic game, kids push the spacebar to help Roly jump on the logs and cross the river. Make sure you pick the log with the right answer to the math problem – otherwise, Roly will get zapped!

Click the links below to play each game based on your child’s grade level, or see all 22 Jumpy games here.

2. Dino Crunch 

Dino Crunch is a fan-favorite! With this prehistoric game, kids have a blast feeding the hungry dinosaur by choosing only the numbers he likes to eat. But be careful – choose the wrong number, and Dino will spit it back up! Kids can play Dino Crunch on their own or as a two-player game.

All 8 Dino Crunch games can be found in our Learning Library.

3. Ski Racer

The faster you answer the math question, the faster you’ll ski! There are 46 different versions of this engaging math game, making it a great option for all grade levels. Click on some of the examples below to play!

4. Mad scientist addition with Professor Beardo

This multi-digit addition game teaches kids how to carry over 10. First, they fill each beaker with the total of each place value. When the beakers overflow, they carry-over 10 into the next beaker. Get the answer right, and the chemical reaction will turn Professor Beardo into a wild creature, like a fruit fly, or make him grow extra limbs!

5. Secret Agent Addition and Subtraction

The evil cat built a shrink ray, and it’s up to you to use addition and subtraction to stop him! Listen to the clues to help Secret Agent Double-O Canine jump to the correct position to defeat him. If you click on the wrong number, the evil cat will shrink you with his ray!

6. Water Rafting

Children have a blast racing other characters down the roaring rapids to answer math problems! Click the links below to play, or check out all 35 Water Rafter games in our Learning Library.

7. Treasure Diving

There’s a treasure diving game for every grade, PreK to 8th! Learners can test their math knowledge as they go exploring for treasure under the sea. Click here to view all 54 Treasure Diving games.

8. Bubble Buster

Touch two numbers that add up to make 5, 8, 10, 11, or 20. But watch out – if the bubbles stack all the way up to the top, you lose! Kids love practicing their speedy addition skills with this colorful game.

9. Treasure Hunting

With this game, older kids enjoy practicing their graphing skills while hunting for buried treasure. It’s a great way for them to learn about the coordinate plane.

Ready to put your graphing skills to the test? Click the links below!

10. Match’s Match games are a simple, fun way to help kids practice their math skills. With levels ranging from Preschool to 8th grade, teachers and parents love using these games as a skill check or to provide extra practice. See all 101 Match games here.

View all 800+ games in our Learning Library.

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