100+ new middle school math worksheets

Over the past six months, Education.com has added more than 100 new math worksheets for grades 6 to 8! Our Learning Library now has a total of over 600 middle school math worksheets.

This recent expansion in middle school content allows Education.com families and teachers to continuously rely on our resources for the entire Pre-K through 8th grade curriculum. We have highlighted some of our favorite new middle school math worksheets below, just in time for Spring testing season.

Click the buttons for our full list of middle school math worksheets, by grade level:

1. Mathematical mazes

Have your students solve a math maze to get to the finish line! Sixth graders can try their hand at mazes involving Unit Rates and Percentages, and seventh graders can fill out a maze using Decimal Operations. Eighth-grade students, or those looking for an extra challenge, can practice systems of equations with a Substitution Maze and Elimination Maze, both of which help students hone their algebra skills!

2. Curious card sorts

Our fresh new resources make middle school learning fun! With card sorting worksheets, students cut out the cards and then match each answer to the corresponding card. Use this new type of resource to teach your eighth graders about Linear Equations (Match Graphs to Linear Equations or Match Tables to Linear Equations) and Slope (Find Slope From 2 points or Find Slope From a Graph). The possibilities are endless!

3. Tricky treasure hunts

Arrgh matey… this new set of worksheets turns systems of equations into a pirate adventure! Designed with an eighth grade curriculum in mind, the worksheets give students three systems of equations and ask them to graph each system on the coordinate plane in order to locate hidden treasure chests. Warm up with Find the Treasure Worksheet #1, and get more practice with Find the Treasure Worksheet #2.

4. Puzzles and riddles

Let’s break out the scissors for these hands-on puzzles! Designed for sixth grade, our new set of three Order of Operations Puzzles will have learners practice using parentheses to make each equation a true statement. They’ll  also enjoy our new One-Step Equations Algebra Riddle, which challenges them to complete 12 one-step equations to solve an entertaining riddle. For seventh graders, we have two new puzzle worksheets that teach students to Add and Subtract Integers and practice Decimal Operations.

5. Crack the codes and find the errors

Crack the code to get the answer to the joke! Sixth-grade students can practice solving for the Greatest Common Factor (GCF), Least Common Multiple (LCM), or both, with these engaging new worksheets. Older students will enjoy finding and correcting the errors in each fictional student’s work through the Scientific Notation and Distance Between Two Points worksheets.

Other new middle school math worksheets

… and many more! See all 600+ middle school math worksheets in our Learning Library, and keep an eye out for more middle school resources in the coming months!

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