10 easy recipes for kids

Are your kids asking to help out in the kitchen? These recipes are perfect for kids who are ready to put on their chef’s hat. Children will feel a sense of accomplishment when they are able to put together a snack or meal on their own. They’ll practice basic math and science skills at the same time, and the best part about it all is eating their tasty creations at the end! 

1. Rainbow toast

Experiment with toast to learn about primary and secondary colors! With this unique at-home activity, your little one will enjoy dipping toast in bowls of colored milk and then toasting it to see the outcome. Help your child master ROYGBIV and the art of color creation with this creative and tasty activity.

2. Homemade yogurt

Making your own yogurt is easier than it seems! Parents can assist their children through the process of heating milk, measuring and mixing the ingredients, and letting the concoction sit for several hours while the bacteria releases lactic acid. This recipe is a great opportunity to teach budding scientists about bacteria, cultures, and enzymes like lactose!

3. Chocolate-dipped spoons

Chocolate-dipped spoons are the perfect sweet treat! Once they’re ready, you can swirl them in warm milk to make a cup of hot chocolate. The fact that they’re already portion-sized makes them super convenient to use, even for kids!

4. Banana sandwiches

Liven up your typical after-school snack! Children will enjoy using bananas as the “bread” to create their own sandwiches. While this recipe seems simple, it can teach kids valuable tactile skills and help them develop a sense of confidence in the kitchen early-on.

5. Baked french toast

Treat your family to french toast for breakfast using this delicious recipe. Since you’ll be baking instead of frying, it will be easier for kids to assist without as many heat dangers in the kitchen. Children can soak the toast in an indulgent egg and milk mixture, and add in flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg to their liking!

6. Fruit leather flowers

Using berries and fruit leathers, kids can make at-home edible arrangements! Fun and simple, this recipe is a great way to make a beautiful bouquet of healthy foods that kids will love to eat. Toothpicks and cookie cutters are the only tools required!

7. At-home sushi

You don’t have to be a sushi chef to make your own at-home rolls! This recipe is ideal for young kids since it doesn’t require any heat. You’ll be surprised at how much fun your whole family has rolling their own sushi and trying out different flavor combinations. Plus, if your little ones don’t enjoy fish yet, you can always keep it vegetarian with ingredients like avocado and cucumber.

8. Green eggs and ham

Kids go wild for green eggs and ham! Based on the Dr. Seuss book with the same title, this recipe is silly, fun, and surprisingly easy! Really, all you need is green food coloring. It’s a breakfast worth waking up for!

9. Colorful cookies

You can’t go wrong with cookies! This classic recipe gives kids the opportunity to get creative with colorful frosting. Blend frosting colors and top with sprinkles to make one-of-a-kind artistic creations! Budding bakers will learn how to mix colors and be creative! 

10. Bacon hearts 

This recipe is simple enough for even preschool chefs! Kids can start their day by spreading love and turn this classic breakfast staple into a work of art. Plus, nothing beats the pride of creating their own meal, especially at an early age.

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