Handwriting and cursive worksheets for kids

Education.com has hundreds of handwriting and cursive worksheets for kids! Using these printables, children can master both print and cursive writing. Guide your students through the different stages of writing, from drawing simple lines, to tracing letters, and ultimately to writing freehand. No matter what level they are at, learners will be able to improve their penmanship with these engaging worksheets!

Handwriting worksheets

1. Trace the alphabet

Before you can write the letter A, you need to be able to draw a diagonal line. Similarly, before you can write the letter G, you need to be able to draw a wave! Get down to the basics with these Trace the Alphabet worksheets, and help young learners practice the foundations of writing the alphabet.

2. Practice writing the alphabet: A–Z

Kids can work through the whole alphabet with this set of 26 tracing, writing, and drawing worksheets. With playful images and templates for drawing words that begin with each letter, these worksheets give children the opportunity to be creative while they practice writing A through Z!

3. Alphabet blocks: trace the letters

Use the familiar concept of alphabet blocks to build a strong foundation for handwriting! Guides will help kids trace the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. These worksheets are designed for the littlest learners, from PreK and 1st grade – help them start their writing journeys!

4. Letter formation assessment

Use this worksheet to assess how far along your students are in their handwriting journeys. This quiz asks kids to trace examples of each letter and then copy them down freehand on the blank line. Make sure their foundation is strong before moving on to more difficult concepts like words and sentences!

5. Write your name! 

This progress tracker builds students’ confidence! Each season (Fall, Winter, and Spring), kids can write down their names. At the end of the school year, they will look back to see how much they have grown.

6. Word tracer 

Don’t see handwriting worksheets that are exactly what you’re looking for? Create your own! With our exclusive worksheet generator, you can build custom handwriting worksheets. Just enter the words you would like to see, customize the guides and the style, and click “generate”! Click here to view our wide array of customizable worksheets, only on the Education.com site.

Cursive worksheets

1. Cursive handwriting practice worksheets: A-Z

Perfect your penmanship by learning cursive! Created for 3rd and 4th graders, these worksheets lead students through the process of writing upper and lowercase cursive letters. Each colorful worksheet features a sweet image of an animal and provide students with extra practice writing full sentences like “D is for duck” or “T is for turtle.” This set of 52 worksheets offers two options for each letter of the alphabet, creating endless opportunities to practice!

2. Penmanship practice: cursive

Our specially-designed cursive workbook has 40 pages chock-full of writing materials. First, students can practice tracing cursive letters. Then, they can put their penmanship to the test with several creative writing exercises which they can complete using their new cursive skills!

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