10 ways to get your students excited about Math Month!

It’s Math Month! To inspire a love of numbers beyond April, we’ve rounded up 10 ideas to show your students that math doesn’t have to be scary, and it can actually be exciting!

1. Math magic

Kids love magic! Tell your class they are going to be ‘mathemagicians’ for the day, and try out this Math Mind Magic activity or have them complete a Magic Squares worksheet.

Then, encourage your students to show their new ‘tricks’ to their parents when they get home.

2. Make a clock

Your students can make Paper Plate Clocks by using a few simple materials you probably already have in the classroom! Kids will have a blast decorating their own clocks while learning how to tell time. Have them keep their clocks in their desks, and pull them out for extra time-telling practice over the course of the month.

3. Minute math worksheets

Have your students put their math skills to the test with these Minute Math Worksheets! These stimulating challenges will help students commit their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division tables to memory. See how many problems your mathematicians can solve in one, two, or three minutes, and encourage them to beat their own score from the beginning to the end of the month!

4. Estimation jars

With this simple activity, students can guess the amount of beans, candy, or marbles in the jar! Estimation is a necessary skill that students sometimes struggle with. It requires thoughtful thinking, analysis, and reasoning. Motivate your students to practice estimation by giving the winner a grand prize at the end of the month! 

5. Math spirit days

What better way to celebrate Math Month than with a spirit day? Options for math-themed costumes include Dress as a Number Day or Geometry Pattern Day. For more inspiration check out this list of spirit day ideas.

6. Math games

Math games reinforce essential skills in a fun way! Luckily, the Education.com Learning Library has over 400 math games teachers can put to use this Math Month.

Don’t know which games fit your classroom’s needs? For a summary of our best games, read this recent blog post about The 10 Most Popular Math Games on Education.com.

7. Play Go Fish by Tens

Addition and subtraction games are a fun way to teach children the basics of math. Go Fish by Tens, a spin on the classic game, will help kids practice counting to ten while playing a card game they’re already familiar with.

8. Decorate your classroom door

Spread the Math Month cheer by decorating your classroom door! Pull ideas from geometry, algebra, statistics and more – the possibilities are limitless! Check out this article for more ideas.

9. Learn about zero with a video

Zero is everywhere, but do we really appreciate the importance of this seemingly empty number? Watch this video with your class to unearth the true history and meaning of the number zero. This video is a great Math Month activity for older kids!

10. Free games on Education.com for Math Month!

Great news–Education.com is celebrating Math Month in a big way! Every week in April, we will release one math game for each grade, PreK-8th, along with a related Guided Lesson. Each week’s game and Guided Lesson will be free for Basic users during that week! 

Looking for more math activities, worksheets, games, and lesson plans? Check out Education.com’s Learning Library of 35,000+ resources.

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