The best poetry worksheets for all grade levels

These poetry worksheets are perfect for celebrating April’s National Poetry Month! A love of poetry often starts young—that’s why we have resources tailored for all grades, PreK to 8th. Little kids can learn the basics of rhyme and syllables, while older students can analyze literary devices, determine rhyme scheme and meter, and try their hand at writing poems of their own! No matter the grade level, we have worksheets for celebrating the beautiful art of poetry with your class!

PreK-2nd grade worksheets

At the Zoo

Little ones will enjoy reading this poem about zoo animals and then drawing a picture based on what they read. Bears, elephants, wombats, and monkeys make this poetry worksheet fun!

Haiku Syllables

Introduce young learners to haiku poetry! These traditional Japanese three-line poems are simple, making them accessible to students of almost any reading level. Kids will practice counting the syllables in these nature-themed haiku poems, and then have the chance to write a haiku of their own in 5/7/5 syllable count!

3rd-5th grade worksheets

Poetry Guide Toolbox

As students advance in their poetry learning, this ‘Tool Box’ will come in handy for remembering the elements of poetry. Featuring 12 poetic elements (such as onomatopoeia, simile, and alliteration) and 6 types of poems (including sonnet, balled, and diamante), this comprehensive guide sets students up for success! Keep it in their binders and refer to it whenever needed.

Write Your Own Limerick

Kids can pump up their poetry knowledge by discovering a new type of poetry: limericks! These silly five-line poems are especially fun since they usually end with a joke! Budding poets will love exercising their funny bones to write comedic limericks of their own.

6th-8th grade worksheets

New Worksheet: Analyzing“O Captain! My Captain!” by Walt Whitman

This brand new “O Captain! My Captain!” worksheet was released just in time for Poetry Month! This timeless poem by Walt Whitman has historical significance, since it was written as an elegy about the death of President Abraham Lincoln.

Our new worksheet challenges students to explore the poem’s use of literary devices, as well as its deeper meaning, with a set of analysis questions. They are asked to cite evidence to support their responses. To provide additional relevance, you can pair this worksheet with the related scene from the classic film “Dead Poets Society.”

“Impressions” by Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson

This poetry analysis worksheet is ideal for more advanced students. Multiple-choice and short-response questions guide middle-schoolers in an exploration of the poetic devices, such as alliteration, rhyme, and metaphor, that are employed by American poet Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson. Based on their analysis, they are then asked to determine the poem’s overall tone, theme, and meaning.

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