Mother’s Day recipes to make with the whole family

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 14th. To celebrate the mother figure in your life, spend Sunday morning making tasty treats as a family! The kids will love presenting their creations as gifts for mom, grandma, or another mother figure. Below are four of our favorite recipes for inspiration!

1. Edible flowers

Give the gift of a homemade edible bouquet! Customize it depending on mom’s favorite treat, be it chocolate, cookies, or fresh fruit—we provide recipes for all three options. Then, simply arrange your beautiful creations on skewers and share your love with your mother figure.

2. Chocolate-covered pretzels

Celebrate mom with a sweet, crunchy treat! Dipping pretzels into chocolate is easy enough for even the littlest chefs, and the whole family will love decorating their creations with sprinkles! You can even swap out the pretzels with fresh fruit for a healthier option—the possibilities are limitless!

3. Bruschetta

Start off the morning with some delicious bruschetta! With just fresh tomatoes, aromatic basil, and a toasted baguette, you can transport the family to Italy without leaving the kitchen. 

4. Crystal fudge

This recipe doubles as a science experiment! Assemble everyone in the kitchen, and assign different roles for each step of the fudge-making process. Create memories, learn about the scientific process, and best of all, whip up a delicious gift for mom.

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